I really like the idea of sharing things I love.


I want to feel inspired while working and make people's lives a little sweeter.

Since 2012 I've trained & empowered others in home-based businesses, developing kind-natured teams and leaders without nasty sales tactics.


I've seen first-hand what these businesses can do for people - their confidence, goals, and skills.

And In 2021, after 10 years of using natural & organic products

in my home for care & cleaning I found an exciting brand to partner with:

Lemongrass Spa Products


Self-care goodies made in the U.S. with fresh, organic, and botanical ingredients. 


Non-toxic & safe for the entire family.


Healthy care for your body, mind, and home.

Does this cause a little stir of excitement for you, too?

Maybe you want to represent a company that feels wholesome?


Be a part of a motivated, positive team?


I know if you're willing to learn, this can benefit you in some way!


Gain new experiences, and connections. 

Share something you're passionate about with others.


And enjoy the clean and oh so amazing products for yourself & your family!




  • One on one coaching and a community of fun teammates!

  • Private discussions, training, and events.

  • Access to Jumpstart - a program full of bonuses + rewards!

  • Discounts on natural, organic, and clean beauty + self-care products.

  • Exclusive monthly calls, incentives, and challenges!

How many hours per week will it take?

Depends on your goals. I'll be realistic & transparent with you! I'm a light-hearted leader that doesn't make a bunch of false promises, but I can help get you to whatever level you're aiming for.


How do I share it?


Many of us share online through email & social media. You’ll learn new tools so you never feel obnoxious to people. You can also share one-on-one or inside homes with unique classes & experiences. Plus fundraising, fairs, and vendor events.



Why Lemongrass Spa Products?

We’re all about natural, healthy, organic, and clean. People love our stuff because it works & is affordable for them. The company is established but small enough to feel like you have a ton of room for growth. 


What else should I know?


No inventory. No embarrassing yourself or bugging people. This opportunity is about creating a new path that might lead you somewhere happy for you and I hope you'll come along with me, because I have a feeling something special is about to happen! Let's get started!

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"Network Marketing has come of age. It’s undeniable that it has become a

way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.” 

-Stephen Covey


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