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Which Homeschool Curriculum is Best?

Updated: May 21, 2020

When we started homeschooling 2 years ago, after our children had attended both private and public schools, curriculum was one of my main reasons I wanted them home. They each had individual gifts and needs I knew I could address. The world of homeschooling is so much larger than I ever imagined. It was overwhelming!

Here's what ended up helping us choose a homeschool curriculum:

1) Write down traits of your family.

Make a list of your children and out from their name, write down several of their traits, both strengths and weaknesses. List other people in the home, too. For example:

Child A: Loves to read, feels like math is boring, enjoys learning about history

Child B: Often builds with Legos, is very organized, dislikes writing

Mom: Struggles in math, loves English, works from home

One of the best parts of homeschooling is you can cater the curriculum directly to the individual. If you have a child that is energetic, you might not want to choose a literature-heavy curriculum that involves tons of reading and reflection.

I'm not strong at math, so I chose an online curriculum with a teacher for that subject. There are pre-recorded videos, worksheets, and activities. That takes pressure off me and gives me time to work, as well.

One you've thought about everyone's traits, you can go searching!

Half the Exhibition Hall at Great Homeschool Convention - April 2018

2) Attend a homeschool convention.

While these add an expense to the budget, the value gained will outweigh cost for many families. Not only are there exclusive discounts available at conventions, but often times you get to meet authors and experts, ask questions, hear wonderful speakers, and be inspired by other families.

We attend the Great Homeschool Convention which is a general Christian conference and has an online option happening right now!

3) Watch Youtubers.

I wanted to hear people talking, see them doing a lesson or two in real time, and seek out families that looked like ours or shared similar goals. So I searched Youtube!

Some of my favorite homeschooling Youtube channels are The Waldock Way, Grace and Grit, and Project Happy Home. I also really like Brave Writer.

You can search "Homeschool Curriculum Review + Grade level" and lots of videos will pop up.

4) A few final thoughts.

-Don't give up too quickly. Sometimes it takes a minute for everyone to develop a rhythm and appreciate the content. Don't second guess it too soon.

-Use Cathy Duffy's site for EXHAUSTIVE homeschool curriculum reviews. It is incredibly detailed and will help you big time!

This is the curriculum I'm using for 2nd and 4th grade.


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