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Saturday Morning Meetings

I've been married to Billy for 12 years, yet only in the past couple of months have we implemented a weekly meeting where we sit down with coffee or tea and chat. We have our planners out, I've got the Google calendar pulled up, and we take 10-20 minutes to debrief.

It has been a game changer, y'all.

I've found myself looking forward to the time because I know we'll be able to discuss any issues that didn't get sorted. We also share highs & lows, which means purging of any leftover feelings & looking at our life through a more positive lens. This means less resentment and noticing more patterns.

Because my husband is a little introverted and doesn't process verbally like I do, this has satisfied a need for me. I've learned things about what he's thinking or experiencing otherwise he may have kept to himself.

Because it is scheduled, I don't interrupt him or catch him off guard, and the kids respect our boundaries because we've been intentional about protecting the time.

We start by talking about our to-do list from the week before. Then we move to highs & lows. The upcoming weekly calendar is next. Then we talk about the house & kids, and our to-do list for that day and the rest of the week.


But the commitment and consistency is what has made the difference. And keeping it short & sweet means we don't dread it, but look forward to it.

I'm sad it took us so long to prioritize this sort of communication, but relieved we finally have.

Try it yourself! See if you learn new things about your partner. See if your week goes a little smoother and you feel more in control.

Experience the sweet satisfaction as you high-five each other across the table when you realize you accomplished something together.


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