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Poetry Tea Time

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I remember being introduced to the idea behind Poetry Tea Time while listening to Julie Bogart speak at a local event. She was a homeschooler turned author and described this time with her now-grown children as "enchanting". Y'all know anything described as enchanting is going to suck me in real quick.

I had already started collecting teaware and throwing tea parties for friends. I imagined my children dropping china and spilling liquids and throwing cupcakes but I also knew it was something I wanted to try, anyway. And I'm so glad I did.

Our table setup during a recent tea

We've been doing our tea parties now for a couple of years, and the kids always look forward to the days when they come down to me setting the table in preparation.

The idea is to use what you have and create a beautiful space to sit down and share some poetry... or perhaps a chapter of a book... and just enjoy each other's company.

Our son Beckett surprised us one morning and had set the table on his own!

Food can be simple, like apples and oranges and maybe some cookies. You can serve chocolate milk or lemonade instead of tea, and if you don't have fancy plates - use paper! As long as everyone is together and enjoys some poems or reading with treats to change up the monotony you're all feeling... you've got it yourselves a party!

We were studying the weather during this party

There are tons of poetry tea time theme ideas on Julie Bogart's site for specific holidays, books, seasons, and more. They include craft, decor, and food ideas. I think the next one we'll do will be the Bug Themed tea party!

Some of Our Favorite Poetry Books:

-Random House Book of Poetry for Children

-Shel Silverstein: A Light in the Attic

Sometimes motherhood feels repetitive and draining. We can become burnt out easily in a world that is often cynical and self-centered. It can leave us unfulfilled, even though we've been called to a deeply meaningful role.

A role that can be fun, rewarding, and even... enchanting.

Yes, sometimes it is loud and messy and we really just want some peace or to be done wiping tails, but if we sort through the piles of it all, we find our little one trying to carefully hold a cup of tea, or see them focus intently while they read to us, and we feel renewed.

I love seeing which poem mine choose, or how they wiggle in their seat with excitement when I bring out the teapot. Their attitudes and energy instantly change! So does mine.

I've learned to create the magic I seek in my life. And I can do that because I have the power to make an ordinary day a lasting memory, toasted with teacups and celebrated over brownies!

Poetry Tea Time has brought something cozy and comforting to our homeschool and family life. Maybe it will do the same for you?


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