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Our First Harvest

We just enjoyed the first harvest of the season! We had been watching our blueberry bushes because a handful of berries had begun to swell and darken. We have a Spartan (larger bush and blueberries) and a Peach Sorbet (bred to be small and produce a ton of smaller berries). I blogged about planting them!

I had to Google how to tell if blueberries were ready to be picked! haha. They can't have any tint of pink or red and should roll easily off the stem.

I let the kids each pick them one at a time to minimize arguments. It was very hard for them to be patient, and I don't blame them!

We didn't get many, but every one of them felt like a little treasure. And I reminded the kids that more will be ready soon.

We all took one and stood in a circle and counted to three.




We popped them into our mouths and then cheered together over the flavor! Sweet, a tinnnny bit of tartness, and fragrant.

Nothing like a store-bought berry! They tasted so fresh!

After enjoying the rest, Beckett ran over to our snow pea bush and screamed! Turns out, it was ready for picking, too!

I read that it was best to harvest them before the peas inside the pods get very large and noticeable, so the kids stood around and eagerly picked them, one by one.

After washing them, I passed them out and again we counted to three before taking our bites. Sooooo crisp! Sooooo crunchy! Like healthy little potato chips, right? Kinda? No?

We took turns dipping them generously in ranch and stood snacking, halfway to Heaven. The kids asked if we could plant a lot more next year, so we could just walk up and down a long garden and pick them whenever we wanted. And I nodded as I crunched, with the vision of a bountiful garden in my head, their little hands picking all sorts of things and closing their eyes in the sunshine with pleasure, enjoying the taste of hard work.

We're ready.


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