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Leaf Water

Y'all I wanted to be a coffee or tea drinker a big part of my life. Seeing people hold the cozy cups in their hands while steam lifted... seeing all the flavors at the coffee shop - mocha, cinnamon, white chocolate... but I just never liked the taste of it. Any of it. Even with a ton of sugar. I remember I went to Las Vegas for a big conference once and everyone was getting Starbucks iced lattes. I wanted to fit in so I whispered for them to make me a chocolate milk on ice and they did. I shook the cup proudly while I strutted into the meeting hall. Y'all quit. I really did it.

In 2017 I found Sipology... a sweet-hearted Canadian company that was just getting popular in the U.S. I bought some super high quality loose leaf tea because I'd just begun hosting tea parties in an attempt to connect with friends more often.

The fragrance... I will never forget opening that bag and the fruity aroma taking over the whole kitchen.

It took some trial and error. At the time, I didn't know how to make loose leaf tea. I did some experimenting - different amounts, temperatures, creams and sweeteners. I remember having cups & ingredients all over the kitchen counter like a mad scientist while my family watched, a little worried.

And as I learned what I liked, I fell in love with tea. Not just the taste but the experience of it. The slowing down. The appreciating. The warmth.

I joined Sipology and for a while sold it all over the U.S. I loved introducing people to the company because the blends and quality always left them satisfied. I became a leader and won trips! It wasn't planned, but it all felt right.

But life got a little complicated and heavy, and demanded me to prioritize. I never stopped drinking it, but had to step away from sharing.

Nowadays? I'm not the only tea lover in my family.

All 3 of my kids drink it, especially my middle son Beckett, who makes a cup for both of us regularly. I still have tea parties with my Seasonal Tea Society, and better yet... I've decided my life needs the cozy excitement of being with Sipology again. I feel ready.

A new chapter. I'm not giving it a bunch of expectations or pressure or forcing it. I'm just going to invite others into this world, make them feel welcome, and pour them a big cup of warm, delicious tea.

Pinkies up to any joy created in times such as these.


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