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January 2021 Free Printable with Habit Tracking

My Steep it Simple community is joining me on January 1st for a 7 Day Matcha Challenge, so I wanted to create a simple printable calendar that has some tracking ability for them.

I wish y'all could have seen me making this in Microsoft Word. My husband shook his head more than once. As I get older, I find myself finally at the stage where technology frustrates me. He joked, "I thought you took a class on this in college!" and I said, "Exactly! 15 years ago!"

It didn't print out perfectly for me, but as a recovering perfectionist I said, "To HACK with it, it's going up anyway!" So I hope if yours also prints out a little wonky, you smile and love it anyway.

I've left the tracker blank so you can add whatever you want! Maybe add an inspirational quote at the bottom, a word of the month, or 3 major goals you hope to accomplish?

Four habits I'm tracking daily in January:

1) Vestibular Rehab (read more about my vestibular disorder)

2) Movement (yoga, pilates, walking)

3) Meditation/prayer

4) Gratefulness (research on gratefulness is so incredible)

Other habit tracking ideas:

-Cooked at home



-No junk food


-Made the bed

-Drank matcha

-Checked on a friend

-Kissed partner

-One on one time with kids

-No social media

-Showed people grace

-Personal development

-Walked the dog

Download your FREE January 2021 Printable with Habit Tracker Here!

I know 2020 has been devastating for many. Unexpected loss, constantly adjusting, and all the worry.

You are in the company of millions, no matter how quiet it sometimes seems.

Control what you *can*. Doing this has helped me to recognize and accept what is outside of my control... though it is an ongoing exercise.

Sweet Blueberry Matcha in My Royal Albert Teacup

Tracking habits is one way to gain momentum, and also to look back and see how certain routines and rhythms positively influence your mood and well-being.

This season isn't forever. There's light ahead.

Now take a breath. One of those deep ones that fills up the bottom part of your belly.

Drink tea, get cozy, plan, and allow yourself to dream, even if you're scared. Even if it all falls apart. Chin up toward the sunshine.

There's hope.

Cheers to 2021!


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