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How to Plant Blueberries in Containers for Beginners

I knew I wanted to plant and grow lots of blueberries, but I also wanted to be able to take them with us when we move from this house, since it's kind of a placeholder home.

Also, as a family we eat a looooot of organic blueberries and the expense was adding up! We love their benefits: vitamin C, high in antioxidants, and good for the brain!

We decided to plant blueberries in containers. Then I read about different varieties and required chill hours, as well as flavor. I decided to go with Peach Sorbet (dwarf) and Spartan (can get big if in the ground) varieties. I went ahead and got larger sizes for a quicker yield. Having more than one variety really helps production because of cross-pollination.

Here's how we got our blueberries planted, and now we just wait & see how they do!

Step 1:

Choose your container. We chose this Better Homes & Gardens planter from Walmart, as it was very wide. They don't need super deep containers because their roots are fairly shallow, but spread wide so look for at least a 20" across container. Make sure they have a drainage hole or make one!

Step 2:

Choose a got container mixture. We chose an organic one from Costco. Afterwards I read some mixed reviews, so I'm hoping it does okay. At our garden center they also mentioned using a landscaping mix mixed with pine needles.

Step 3:

Dig your hole. Take your plant out of the container and lightly "fluff" or break up the roots with your fingers before placing it.

Step 4:

Fill with soil, lightly packing down to avoid air pockets. Leave the rootball slightly above the soil.

Step 5:

Amend the soil to be more acidic, which is what blueberries love. We used Espoma soil acidifier and followed the instructions on the bag.

Step 6:

Water in well, making sure there are no air pockets.

Step 7:

Mulch. We used pine needles found under trees that were close by.

Step 8:

Put in a place that gets plenty of sun and cross your fingers. Follow the instructions on the tag with your plant regarding watering.

Step 9:

Make sure to protect berries once they start to ripen with bird netting or a cage.

Step 10:

Pick and enjoy your delicious blueberries when they ripen! You did it!


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