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Homeschool Curriculum for 2nd Grade and 4th Grade

Updated: May 17, 2020

There is something interesting about seeing what someone uses in their homeschool - a peek into another family's way of doing things.

I thought I'd share what we are using for 4th and 2nd grade.

English and Reading

BJU Press Distance Learning Online

This program is the core of our homeschooling journey. Lessons consist of a short video with their teacher, where they may learn a new concept or do a fun activity, and then they have a worksheet to complete.

The English alternates between a chapter on grammar then a chapter on writing, which gives them a nice break.

The Reading comes separately and both have loved the stories.


BJU Press Distance Learning Online

This is the same setup as English and Reading, which has been important for us because I work from home and also have our 5 year old at my feet, so it takes some pressure off.

The videos have some playful components and memorable characters, along with manipulative kits that keep things interesting.


We use simple books for civics! We'll dig deeper as their understanding grows.

The Tuttle Twin books are also a well-liked resource for us.


The children love the Who Was? series. I believe we have over 50 of them now! We'll also watch documentaries or include some history in unit studies or morning fun.


We like Evan Moor's Daily Science lessons but currently lean toward unit studies and self-guided exploration.


Art for Kids Hub always keeps their attention, and we also have some drawing and art books. We paint a lot outside, make robots out of cardboard, and do some crafty things with friends.

The Can You Find It books are a great way to get children to appreciate and practice observing art.


Right now we listen to music in all genres every day, as well as discuss famous composers. We dance, talk about rhythm, discuss the emotions we hear in songs, and make instruments out of everyday objects.

Typing and Handwriting

For Typing and Handwriting, we use The Good and the Beautiful. TG&TB is truly some of the most beautiful, gentle curriculum on the market, and a lot of it is free to download and print which is so generous. The illustrations are lovely, and I think we'll add more of their curriculum next year.


Outschool is fun even for non home-schoolers! It has live online classes for grades K-12 serving just about every interest out there. We've done a Pokemon Amphibians class as well as a Warriors books creative writing class and a weekend baking club!

I highly recommend it. There's no monthly fee or anything, you just pick and choose.

You can use this link to get $20 off any class if you want to try it!

Other Stuff

We like poetry tea time, gameschooling, and spend a lot of time outside playing.

We do Cub Scouts and American Heritage Girls and participate in a homeschool group that takes field trips and has regular meetups. We go to plays, tour businesses, and have fun at parks together!

I hope by sharing that maybe something catches your eye or sparks some creativity! I look forward to sharing what we'll be doing for the upcoming year, as well!


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