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Homeschool Activities for Kids During Quarantine

We can call it whatever cute name we want to, "Healthy at Home" or "Safely Sheltered", but truth be told - we're feeling a little stuck. While I do homeschool our children, I know a lot of people don't and it possibly feels intimidating. Along with the anxiety of what's happening, it can be hard to think of ideas to keep everyone entertained.

And Lord, homeschooling isn't this hard usually. We're used to attending lots of social activities, field trips, and library visits! This isn't normal for us, either!

So I thought I'd share some activities and books my children (ages 5-9) all enjoy. They usually keep them busy so I can rest, write a work email, clean up the kitchen, go play, or have a conversation with my husband.

1) Outdoor Adventure Doodles - This book has pages that are easily to tear out and prompts you to fill in the blanks. Still leaves a lot of room for creativity and also shows them the fun result of collaboration!

2) Social Studies - Understanding the government is important, but doesn't always feel like a party. These three books keep their attention and miraculously do not lean toward any political party! O, Say Can you See? discusses interesting American landmarks, Woodrow for President describes the election and voting process in a cute poem, and You and the U.S. Government gives a basic overview of everything but is easy to read.

3) Playdoh Academy - There are several different kits for this out there! Ours practices shapes and includes little cookie cutters but I couldn't find the exact kit so I linked another one. You can use the cards to help you build. Some of them will show you which shapes to use (easier) and some just let you figure it out on your own.

4) Page with Palette - These coloring books are nice bc you can just sit out a cup of water and a paintbrush and everything is all on one page. I like it because it's less messy and travels well room to room or outside. Couldn't find the one we have, but linked a similar one.


I think one of the most important things we can do right now is inspire and encourage each other. Some days we will feel productive and want structure, and others we may be too tired or worried to do much at all. But if we keep sharing ideas, routines, and things working for us, we'll all feel like we have options and a little more control.

I'm rooting for you. Try to breathe, have some fun, and hang in there!


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