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Health in a Pandemic

I'm moving toward being a healthier person, my dudes. Not just because of this new, unusual virus, but because of an unexpected journey my mama has begun. I've cut back on sugar. Don't you just kind of roll your eyes when someone tells you that? Like, "Fantastic, Janet. You're really impressive. I was really interested to know that."

Look - I'm always going to consume a little sugar, because I love it. When I was little Nanny would make me sandwiches on white bread that were just butter and sugar, nothing else. She also loved to give me those Hostess apple pies. So I come by it honest. But I've found various ways to cut back... maybe I'll share in a separate blog?

I've also been thinking about our spring garden, staying away from red meat, and taking Omega 3. The usual stuff people do. My regular walks outside have changed my life in the best way, and so have my country drives I take several times per week where I listen to music or Podcasts.

My mental health this year became a top priority, both out of necessity and choice.

Another thing that has changed for me in this arena: I recently graduated physical therapy for my vestibular disorder! I'll have to continue the exercises for some time, but I'm one step closer to complete healing.

Yoga, gratefulness journaling, long baths, talk therapy, meditation, prayer, accepting & allowing grief... I've been on a journey that is moving me toward the best version of myself I can be. Not perfect. But functioning and trying and present.

And I feel a little light in me growing and asking me to stretch even further. I warned my friends. I told my husband. Once this little light fires up, and it does ever so often, I chase it.

I chase it because I know no matter what happens, it is there and I need to listen, explore, and have fun with it - dance with it. I don't have many expectations, but I do feel some excitement already brewing.

Just in time for my upcoming 36th birthday.


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