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Gardening Mistakes - Cat What???


I had a beautiful post prepared for you. I was going to share how I was harvesting catnip for my friend Stephanie's cats. I couldn't wait to drop the baggie off at her doorstep with a sweet note, along with instructions for drying out catnip.

I trimmed the plant.

I stripped the leaves and Forrest helped. The smell filled the kitchen!

I did a little jig as a I placed some of the flowers in a jelly jar. I thought, "Look how thrifty of me! I must post this on my Instagram."

Then I filled the baggie and took it outside for a photo opportunity. I placed it amongst some wallflowers.

I was imagining Stephanie opening her door and seeing the surprise and saying, "Aww!" while clutching it to her chest before taking it to her kitties.

A gift we grew ourselves! So lovely!

Then I came inside to Google the directions on how to dry out the leaves so I could print her a copy. I was going to put it on colored paper and use some stickers to decorate it.

And then... boom.

"Honey, that ain't catnip," the article said to me with some sass.

"That's catmint ...and it just ain't the same."

I paused. Squinted. Re-read the words.

"Cats don't like catmint the way they do catnip," it quipped..."So sorry. Cute pics, tho."

Disappointment. Waste of time. Unnecessary sticker label.

Shoulders slumped.

But wait! Fear not!!! Some further Googling revealed...

Catmint can be used for upset stomachs.

So there. you. go!

I guess it really *has* to be only the thought that counts when you're a beginner gardener.


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