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Do's and Dont's of Homeschooling


* Try to create public school at home. You don't need a classroom, a rigid schedule, or hundreds of dollars of teacher supplies.

* Listen to the naysayers. Homeschooling is different than it used to be. There are endless resources, plenty of socialization opportunities, and lots of research supporting homeschooling.

* Think you need to be perfect. You're going to get frustrated. You're going to mess up. Give yourself grace, give your children grace, and do your best.

* Compare homeschooling to crisis schooling, summer or winter breaks, online public school at home, etc. It is really nothing like any of those things.


* Research different kinds of curriculum before choosing. Cathy Duffy's reviews are incredible.

* Connect with more than one family that is homeschooling. There are so many different approaches and styles, it is important to hear more than one perspective.

* Follow positive homeschoolers on social media. Follow the #homeschool tag on Instagram, search your state name + homeschool on Facebook. Seeing it in your feed every day helps it become familiar.

* Know your state's laws.

* Give yourself a few weeks to get into a schedule. It will probably be a disaster at first. But then you'll figure out that your oldest can entertain the youngest while you work with your middle child, or you can get math out of the way during breakfast when everyone is eating and content.

* Write the reasons you're doing this on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere you'll see it everyday.

* Learn about some influential figures in homeschooling: Charlotte Mason, John Gotto, etc. Watch Ted Talks on Youtube about homeschooling/homeschoolers.

* Enjoy the perks: going places when they're way less crowded, a new and meaningful relationship with your child, re-learning fun facts, and watching your children succeed differently than they do at school.

This is going to be a difficult, rewarding, fun, weird, happy, and sweet journey for you and your children. Take it one day at a time and allow it to grow you as a person and as a family.


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