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Coraline Party

Making up a song about Coraline She's a peach, she's a doll, she's a pal of mine

She's as cute as a button In the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Coraline

For those of you familiar with the book or movie, you know Coraline has something... different about it that makes it stick in your memory. We first watched this movie around Halloween 2019 and all of us loved the creepy details and characters.

We don't let our kids watch much scary stuff but the soundtrack, animation, and storyline in this movie are unique enough that we made an exception. We also listened to the audiobook during drives. The book is quite different, perhaps a little scarier in some ways? We'd recommend both.

We celebrate all things spooky the entire month of October with a heart of playfulness, and this feast was a big highlight of our month this year!

Food and Drinks

We paused the dinner scene to see what they served & tried to recreate it. We ended up having a roast chicken, corn on the cob, rolls, pears, peas, mashed potatoes, a pineapple for decor, and her Welcome Home cake. We used some tomatoes and asparagus to brighten up the plate with the roast chicken.

There's no way the table would have been complete without mango milkshake, the drink Coraline asks for in the movie!

I made this by mixing pineapple mango juice with vanilla ice cream! The kids loved it!


I bought large black dinner plates and smaller blue plates and glued the blue over black. Then I drew white circles with chalk paint so they'd look like buttons.

In some places, use just the smaller plates so there's variation.

I also printed out small black roaches and taped them up here & there. There's something about seeing them crawling across our pretty tea plates that gave us all the shivers!

In the movie, the "Other Mother" has silhouettes of her previously captured children up on the wall. It is a subtle detail but frightening when you notice it!

I paused the movie in the scene that shows this and took a screenshot and printed it. I cut it out carefully while the kids jumped foot to foot, excited. It wasn't perfect because the graininess, but the effect was great! I simply taped it over pictures I already had hanging up.

I wanted to incorporate rain boots and found a cheap pair on Amazon. My middle son needed some anyway, so it worked! I got an affordable bouquet with our grocery pickup and put a small glass cup down in the boot full of water & stuck the flowers in.

The last main piece of decor was the box with the button eyes. I used an antique box my husband had bought me years ago and we put in a large sewing needle, two black buttons, and some thread.

The rest of the room was already decorated for Halloween with staples - low lighting, a spider tablecloth, bat curtains, and other things already owned.

Welcome Home Cake

To make it easy, I used a round, 5" store bought cake and premade fondant I colored with natural dye. Then I quickly cut around it to make the edges look drippy. It was a little rushed, but we didn't care!

If I were doing this over again or with more time, I might get another cake and layer it on top. And I'd take more time on my edges with the fondant.

I dyed some frosting as red as I could get it using a natural color (pretty hard to mimic ol' Red Dye 40) and tried to write Welcome Home just like they do in the movie (double looping the "o" in home).

I also dyed some frosting yellow and did little dots around the edges and stuck some dark pink candles in.

For something fancier, use a star tip for the yellow frosting on the edges, or cut out little yellow fondant pieces.

Hearing the kids scream & clap when they saw it all put together made the effort so worth it. I don't think any of us will forget how fun it felt to step inside the movie for a while.

The music playing in the background added to the ambiance and all of us walked away from the table with our bellies full, feeling a little more magical than before.

Other Ideas That Would Have Been Fun:

-A stuffed black cat or snow globes for decor

-Cotton candy/carnival theme with stuffed mice

-Edible button cookies

-A game to count the doors & windows in the house

-Antique keys given as favors

If you do your own Coraline party, we'd love to see it, but we

hope you liked coming along for ours!



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