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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

My heart feels a little sunken in. News that my Aunt Kathy passed away came early Monday morning. She'd been unexpectedly stuck with an aggressive cancer last year, a surprise to all of us because she was an example of healthy living, had just retired, and was planning on moving into her dream home. It was just like the other stories you hear: it happened to someone undeserving during a time of their life they should be celebrating.

Aunt Kathy on the left, dancing at my wedding

In recent years, Aunt Kathy had been a consistent source of encouragement to me. I live far enough away (and with young enough babies that complicate traveling) that I didn't see her much, yet our bond from childhood carried us, the way it often does with families, and we both enjoyed finding common interests and beliefs to talk about on Facebook. She would often slip me careful reminders, "Don't let this time pass you by," and sweet compliments themed around me as a mother, something she could tell I took great pride in.

Everything moved very quickly and I learned most of the news through my mom, who worked around the clock along with everyone else who loved Kathy to find some sort of solution or ease her pain. I continued to message my aunt words and prayers, and we'd laugh about something one of her grandbabies had done. Kathy loved her husband, children and her grandchildren very much.

Holding baby Beckett

She loved her sisters, cherished her friends, and lived for her family. I wish all of you could have spent some time around her, because she was one of those people you instantly liked. I hope you'll find something today to bring you joy in her honor. And I hope you'll wear a big smile on your face and be kind to people, the way she was.


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