B and I married in 2008. In many ways we are opposites, but our strength in marriage is definitely our sense of humor. I'm a Realtor and he directs a team of talented research programmers.


I love throwing tea parties and writing stories. B likes video games and playing outside with the kids. For date nights we go watch movies or try to discover new restaurants, antique shops, and garden nurseries.

We love our three little chickens so much we about can't take it. We have a girl and two boys. We spend a lot of time as a family reading, participating in scouts, baking, having dance parties, visiting with family and friends, and homeschooling.  They're 9, 8, and 5. 

We have a tiny dog named Peachy who runs around our yard chasing birds and rabbits all day.

One goal for our family is to become more self-sufficient. We are learning how to garden and hope to be moving to an acre or more of land some time very soon. We want to plant fruit trees, have a pond, raise some chickens and goats, and spend the rest of our lives creating a homestead.

This blog is our place to share adventures, ideas, advice, and some ups & downs of our experiences. The name comes from my love of collecting teacups as well as our shared obsession with eating blueberries. We are finally growing our own!

Thank you for joining us! Have a cup of tea and let's see what we can get into around here.    


Tea Society

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